It’s Swellesley at Wellelsey.

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, here I am. I writing this post from my new office here at the Margaret Clapp Library, room 246. Yes, for those of you who are curious, I DO have my space heater on so not much has changed. Have no fear there.

The trip out here was hard emotionally not physically. Saying goodbye to my wonderful neighbor and her two pets plus leaving our Edgar behind really hurt my heart. Travel-wise, We had great weather the entire two days it took us to get here. Matt and I managed to talk the entire trip via earbuds and iphones. Even though the chatting was not nonstop, it was good to be able to periodically say, “You alive?” and have someone answer you affirmatively.  Izzy did amazing!  I had gone by the vet the day before we left to acquire a kitteh pill that would render him comatose if need be but he never needed it. The first few minutes was spent furiously mewing and then after that, he resigned to what he thought was his new fate. I felt bad for him because every once in awhile he would stand up, meow, circle around, paw at me, then go back to sleep. I could actually sense the “FML” in his eyes as he envisioned the rest of his days carried out in a moving carrier going to a destination that never happens.

The first night we stopped after 9 hours of driving in Buffalo, New York which by the way, was freezing cold. We unloaded what we needed which included the cat and my plants!  Izzy did really well in the motel room considering and ended up sleeping in the bed with us so he couldn’t have been all that traumatized.  There were tears that night as we were both exhausted and things were changing rapidly.

We got an early start the next day, leaving at 7:00a to arrive in Wellesley at 2:30p. It took us around 2 hours to unload the Penske and my car. Thankfully Matt suggested we bring my dad’s dollie which provided to be a very handy asset getting the bookcase up two flights of stairs. The dollie has now taken permanent residence on my porch where he will sit until his services are needed during a future move.

Moving in is where I had the first of a series of what I like to call “emotional aneurysms.”  These were not pleasant and I really felt like I was going to die. Emotional overload mixed with pure exhaustion and overall disorganization is never easy. Plus, I don’t handle chaos very well…at all. And it felt like my life just upchucked all over my face. My apartment was in shambles, boxes everywhere, Izzy freaking out, nowhere to cram the car… It all came to a head and the hysteria ensued. Luckily I am blessed with two people who know how to handle me…Matt and Barbie. Both of which were able to calm me down.

It did not help that I “met” one of my new “housemates’ which Matt had dubbed Curmudgeon Bob. Apparently all his does is  make beans on the stove and complain about everything. Well, as I was just moving in, I didn’t quite know who he was or what role he played in the house. Gatekeeper? Resident lunatic? Guy about to die?  Well, as it turns out he doesn’t like anything that disrupts his bean making tasks so us moving me in did just that. He locked us out TWICE and then promptly yelled at us for letting “the cold air in.” Um, dude, we are moving shit in. The door has to open in order for us to pass through. This isn’t a ghost film where I walk through walls and shit. So needless to say, that didn’t help matters at all. However, the next day my landlord stopped by and I made a comment about “hoping I didn’t make the old guy downstairs to upset.” As it turns out, Bob has lived in the house for a thousand years and feels like he owns the place which unfortunately for him, he does not. My landlord said to imagine Bob as a fixture of the house like a doorknob or light bulb. Something that is there but doesn’t need to affect me in any way. This of course made me feel a million times better.

Other than Curmudgeon Bob, who I haven’t seen since I moved in…maybe he is dead….the place is quiet. I can however, hear what appears to be a colony of Sasquatches living above me who like to scoot furniture around for fun but I think this might just be my version of events as Matt says it is actually one guy and a small dog.

This was by far the worst of it. Friday we took to cleaning, unpacking, and organizing. I will say that other people’s idea of “clean” does not match mine. I mean, they don’t even come close to having the same definition so I took to cleaning the entire bathroom, ceiling to floor with antibacterial spray. Matt did the same with the kitchenette. Even he said it was filthy and this is a person who is more lax than me when it comes to obsessive cleanliness.  As each box became empty and was carted away, I felt better. I saw accomplishment and order. Ah, things I like and know what to do with.

From that day on, life happened. We celebrated New Years Eve in Salem!!  My wonderful friends from UGRL at Purdue had purchased me a gift card that was waiting on me. I almost downloaded in my pants when I saw the monetary amount. OMG….thank you guys!!!  We were well fed and well liquored up! We ended up attending a party at the Gulu-Gulu cafe and had a wonderful time bringing in the New Year. As is customary for us, I scored a Trivia Pursuit deck and we spent time asking and answering questions in a noncompetitive spirit.

We actually got to spend THREE days in Salem which was awesome and created a nice little mental break from the move. Real life returned last Monday when I started my job. I wasn’t nervous or anything. I was more like, “Let’s do this bitch.” I only worked three days last week and each of them was busy and flew by. I had many meetings and orientations and left work each day without drinking all my coffee (yeah, I know!) and not having remembered to use the restroom. I didn’t have any panic attacks so that was a plus. And I didn’t pee my pants so that was nice.

Friday Matt and I ventured out to Logan via public transportation. Now, as Indiana natives, we drive everywhere. There is a sense of control there that is missing when one gives up the car for being a passenger. I must say, being the passenger was really nice. Especially when you are a blubbering fool after just saying goodbye to your soulmate. I am fortunate to work with killer librarians who understand my level of questioning and need for detail so I was armed with very extensive notes on how to catch the train, how to pay for a ticket, how to pay for a bus ticket, etc. I made it there and back in one piece without getting lost or turned around. Score.  I also realized that the airport is simultaneously the happiest and saddest place on earth depending on how you are traveling. I didn’t care at all that I was crying all through the airport as I am sure the airport staff see this kind of thing every single day, all day long…a mixture of happy and sad tears.

The weekend itself was really low key. I don’t have any friends here yet unless you count Izzy and he can’t go outside. I mean, he can but I prefer he doesn’t. Saturday was wonderfully warm and so I ventured out and investigated the VERY expensive town of Wellesley. Let’s just say I won’t be doing any actual shopping here. I don’t really think my eyes can afford to window shop either so I might walk around squinting until I  move out of here to avoid temptation. I also wandered around campus and visited my car in the parking garage to make sure she still loved me. She did.

Sunday I spent the day inside, in pajamas, doing research.  I never even left the apartment. Now for being my first weekend alone, that’s okay but I really don’t want to become a social hermit and I know that I run the risk of that. So one of my resolutions back in October was to be more social, to not barricade myself in my apartment but to actually, I don’t know…HAVE A LIFE.  What a concept.

So that’s it, in a nutshell.

I made it.

I survived 27 emotional aneurysms and can still laugh and smile at will.

I do not miss Indiana at all but I do miss my peeps there.

Oh, and I like turtles.

  1. Barb Stahura says:

    such vivid imagery! I think you nailed it; definitely defines moving and major life changes. Hang in there; it’ll get better…and keep writing!! You are really talented!

  2. Wendy Kelly says:

    This is the intro of your adventure in Wellseley … keep up the writing as I love the imagery (Curmudgeon Bob- he is the standard to which all will be compared.) Miss your company in UGRL…

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