Salem was SO SO SO Sweet!

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well the weekend has come and gone yet again. While normally I spend my weekends curled up with a good book, this past Saturday I ventured to Salem for their “So Sweet” Festival which showcases ice sculptures around the downtown area and chocolate!  Now, I ask you, how can you simply go wrong with this type of festival? Well, you can’t!  I had been eyeballing the weather forecasts as we were supposed to get some snow on Saturday. I prayed to the Gods to let it go somewhere else as this was a “Salem or bust” type of situation. Luckily, the Gods smiled upon my urgent need for chocolate delicacies and the weather turned out just fine. There were a few snowflakes falling in Salem early on in the day but nothing to cry about. The temperature wasn’t bone chilling either so I had a fantastic day out and about. I made it a point to fuel up with some coffee from Jaho. Since I was on a budget, I brought one of the fabulous homemade chocolate chip cookies that Matt had baked me. So, I started off the day with some free treats. From there, I made it a point to visit each and every ice sculpture and take a picture. These can all be found on my FB page. By far, my favorite (and the very first one I saw) was the Friendship of Salem ice sculpture on Pickering Wharf.

The farthest ice sculpture was out near Bridge Street and I walked all the way there but sadly discovered there was no ice sculpture to be found. I checked and rechecked the map but unless it melted (highly unlikely), it wasn’t set up. I wasn’t too terribly upset as I needed to burn off the cookie I had for breakfast in time for my rapid bout of upcoming sampling!

First stop, Maria’s Sweet Somethings. This is my favorite chocolate store ever!  In fact, last summer, Matt and I actually bought out the store’s collection of handmade dark chocolate almond turtles. Yeah, I know. They had a free chocolate fountain set up accompanied with many wonderful foods to dip with. I tried to be healthy by dipping strawberries and banana pieces into the fountain but I did splurge and try some rice crispy treat bits. OMG. I have never seen nor tasted a chocolate fountain before and it was everything I hoped it would be! However, the downside was the mess. All these children running around with chocolate faces and hands, dripping chocolate all over the floor around the fountain. There was a definite chocolate puddle to wade through so one had to be careful not to slip and fall down. Now, I like chocolate but I do not want to bath in it so I got in and out as fast as I could.  I am happy to report I did not end up face down in a chocolate slide. There was a live demonstration on how they make their milk chocolate truffles and of course, a sampling!  Also, they were passing around a sample of a dark chocolate sipping drink which was amazing. I do have to stress that when they say “sample” they mean just that. Unless you are the size of a gnat, nothing you consume is going to fill you up. I thought about bringing several changes of coats so that I could go into stores more than once, incognito, but decided against it in the end. Too much work would be involved.  Either way, I left Marie’s happy.

I had some time to kill before my next sampling adventure. The plan was to only seek out those places that were providing exquisite chocolates. I mean, I can get Hershey’s Kisses anywhere so no thank you. If I can purchase it on my own at the local CVS, it was not worth the calorie consumption in my book. So those places were out.  I strolled around downtown and then popped in to my favorite store, Modern Mille. This is a second-hand store which has proven to be very dangerous for me as I ALWAYS find something I need there. Well, this time was no different and I scored a summer dress for wicked cheap! I can’t wear it right now but by the time summer hits, I will rock this thing.

At 2:00p, I headed over to Pamplemousse, a store that sells kitchen gadgets, imported foods, beer, and wine. Here I sampled two meads that are locally made by a company in Salem called “Issacs of Salem.” Both meads were really good, sweet, but tasty. I also hung around for a sample of some vegan oatmeal cookie thing with dark chocolate goodness. Hell, I’ll be honest. I don’t know what it was but it was chocolate and free so I took it. I’m not above admitting this gluttony.

My last stop was Milk and Honey, a vegan grocery story. This place is fabulous and Matt and I pick up fresh vegetables and spices here when we stay at the condo. They were having a chocolate contest whereby all the entries had to be vegan. Well, I provided my services as taster. The desserts were amazing. They ranged from a three-layer chocolate tort to ginger cookies. And everywhere in between. All vegan and for the most part, all low fat. Now, calorie-wise, I won’t even go there as beggars can’t be choosers.

After about six hours of solid walking and wandering, I was ready to drop so I headed back to Wellesley. I was tired but happy and even more excited to know that the next visit to Salem will be with Matt as he will be here NEXT WEEK!!

Now, this wouldn’t be a proper post without a mention of C-Bob. Well, last Tuesday I had to call the landlord and report our friend, C-Bob. Last Monday he came to my door complaining about “how you are always on the move. You never sit still. What is it you do up here?”  I simply told him I wasn’t doing anything except sitting on my couch (which I was). He said, “well, maybe it is the girl next to you then.” I curtly replied, “Yeah, maybe” and shut the door in his face. (Keep in mind it is only 5:30p!!)

Harassment. This is exactly what this is now. So I called the landlord to report it. I’m tired of it. I slammed the door in his face this time but next time…there will be words. And I am trying to prevent that from happening. The landlord was going to talk to him and also bring me a rug which would help insulate all my noise???!!!  So far, no rug has appeared in my apartment so I guess that is not going to happen. I had really hoped if the rug was arriving, it would happen over the weekend while I am home as Izzy does not take kindly to strangers. The one and only time the landlord was in my apartment without me, Izzy barfed all the floor. I think he was startled and scared to see someone there other than me.

I’m not sure that a freaking rug is the answer. It’s not like I am doing jumping jacks all hours of the night or doing sprints to and fro the “living room.” I am moving from point a to point b when necessary. I swear, C-Bob acts like I am running a mini-marathon every night. I have to move around. I am not a mannequin that Andrew McCarthy just happens to fall in love with. Sad but true.

Other than that, I am giving my FIRST instructional session tomorrow for a Sociology 290 class (methods of social research). I will admit, I am nervous and a little panicked. I want to make a good first impression. I don’t want to be a lemon. I also don’t want to yak on the floor the way Izzy does when he gets nervous. Unless, I can say, “oh, excuse me, hairball” and it be okay. Which is doubtful. I did buy heart-shaped suckers to bring to the class as it will be Valentine’s Day after all. Typically I do not fall victim to this pointless holiday but I figure, why not bribe them with sweets? Hell, it might be the only good thing about the entire presentation. I hope not but still….

Until next time, birds of a feather flock together unless one of them prefers to be naked. In which case, he travels alone.

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