Rocking the face off Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here I am again, another Sunday filled with public library visits (gotta get on that People Magazine), cleaning the apartment (all of ten minutes time), and cooking chicken in the crockpot (gotta eat this week). And of course, the weekly blog update. Tomorrow is President’s Day and so I have the day off!  Purdue never gave employees this day so it is nice to have a four day weekend. An extra day to go over my presentation for Thursday’s in-class instructional session on Migration and Mobility. I’ve gone over this so many times I think I actually presented it in my sleep last night. For reals.

Valentine’s Day this year just happened to be the day I gave my first instructional session at WC. I thought I would be nervous only I wasn’t. I went to the classroom ahead of time to make sure the links worked on my PowerPoint and checked the sound as I had a sweet audioclip from “Back to the Future.” I met the instructor who arrived shortly after I did. He was super fabulous and we talked a bit about Big Ten schools, traffic in Boston, and the aggressiveness found on the roads.  Yes, it’s true. Drivers are not called “Massholes” out here for no reason. I thought Matt was joking when he said that merging and yielding are optional. I have since discovered that he was indeed not kidding. You either move your ass or get run over. Plain and simple. So my driving plan every Friday is get in the car, death grip the wheel, and haul ass into the street, praying to all Goddesses and Gods that no one ends up in my backseat. Oh and honking. People here love the horn. They love it so much they lay on it while driving. Just screaming past you blaring the horn, no worries. Also, you must be psychic when you drive. You must know about ten seconds before the stoplight turns green that it is indeed turning green because you must be MOVING already. If not, you guessed it, you get the horn. I get the horn…a lot. I don’t mind though. I have “Indiana” plates so people probably just assume I am some country-bumpkin from the sticks who is terrified to see actual cars and people. I’m okay with that stereotype right now because well, the roads are not clearly marked here. Roads become one-lane or a turning lane out of freaking nowhere so I drive like a little old lady. My parents would be proud as I have a long history with driving like a bat out of hell. Not here, no way. So until I have memorized every inch of roadway out there, peeps around me will just need to check themselves.

Okay, back to the class. The students arrived slightly after the class start time mainly because we were meeting in the library classroom and not their regular room. I secretly loved that WC students did the same thing that Purdue students do, you know forgetting to pay attention to a room change. It felt familiar which was nice. I passed out my heart-shaped suckers and the students really loved the treats and I think it helped set everyone at ease. I mean, come on, let’s be honest. Learning library resources isn’t exactly the coolest or most entertaining thing in the world so every little bit counts. I did my spiel, they laughed at my jokes, they loved the “Back to the Future” audioclip (who wouldn’t) and I had enough time for some hands-on learning. I took the entire 70 minutes allotted to me and it went by fast. I think the students learned something. At the very least they learned about Zotero and why it is awesome. The professor liked my session and thanked me. I left feeling like I rocked the face off of the session and so the rest of the day was kick ass. I finished it with my weekly yoga session whereby the instructor gave us all treat bags filled with dark chocolate, a tealight candle, and some herbal tea. Nothing like surprise gifts. See, this is what I mean. I enjoyed the thought of the goodie bags just as my students enjoyed the suckers. They were not expecting it and therefore, it brightened their days. I know some people have different opinions about handing out candy to students. Like it is some sort of bribe but I really think it helps break the ice. It’s unexpected and it makes us all feel good because we were thought about. I plan on handing out treats at the beginning of every session I do. It’s something I like doing and as long as no one has a problem with it, why not.

The next day, Wednesday, I had to give a brief presentation to faculty on a software/hardware program we are testing for the year called Echo360. Basically you can do personal captures with audio, video, and screenshots. This is a very useful tool to use for us librarians in terms of putting together very quick and simple tutorials on how to search more complicated databases. Since I was one of the few who actually played around with the software, I was asked to give a quick demonstration. It went really well. Again, I wasn’t nervous. I spoke truthfully, as in “I did this presentation last night at home in my pjs with the cat.” That’s how easy it was. I also got a free lunch which was amazing…a caprese-type sandwich, fresh fruit and a chocolate chip cookie. Score.

So far, the weekend has been quiet. I had no plans to go anywhere because MATT WILL BE HERE ON THURSDAY!!  I love that I am finally able to say this!  I know that it has only been since January 6 since I last saw him but it feels like a decade. Honestly. So I am saving my money for when he comes out here and we can do something fun for his birthday. Um, like go to Salem of course. So this weekend found me playing it low key. Mostly reading a new book called ” There is No Year” which is really weird and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet and starting a new writing project. I’m not ready to talk openly about it yet but I am really excited about this project as I envision it to be multi-media in nature. Something I have been wanting to try for awhile now.

This week I have that instructional session on Thursday. This will be my second one. I have practiced twice already in front of Izzy. He seems to like it and I think he feels confident that if he were asked about immigration statistics, he could tell you what sites to find that information. Go head, ask him. I’m excited that I give my presentation in the early afternoon on Thursday then Matt will arrive that late afternoon and meet me at my work!  Then it’s time spent together until he flies out next Monday. I will already tell you that my blog next week will be late. Sorry but I can’t see Matt appreciating me saying, “I have to blog about this. Be right back.”

I haven’t had any interactions with C-Bob all week. I have a sneaking suspicion that my landlord finally talked to him. If that’s the case, I am so very thankful. If not, well then maybe my brisk tone last time was enough to keep him away. Or me slamming my door in his face. Either way, I’m glad to not have to see him. However, I will be having broccoli tonight with dinner so here’s to hoping those little bastards are quiet.

Until next time, party like its 1999 but without Prince. Ever since he took up with the Jehovah’s witnesses, he just doesn’t dance like he used to.

  1. Barb Stahura says:

    The broccoli should be quiet; its only when they hang with the cauliflower that they get rowdy. ;-D

  2. Erin says:

    Yay for awesome instruction sessions!!!

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