No rest for the wicked (awesome).

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s official, I am a Salem, MA resident!  I honestly cannot believe that I am really and truly here. That I made it, that I did it. All on my own (well, I had help with the physical move) but getting there, yeah, I did that. This has been the goal for the last few years, to reside in Salem. All that is left is for Matt and Edgar to arrive permanently and life will be perfect. Well, nothing is perfect but at the very least our family will be whole again. And the full dream will be realized.

So this past week was the week from hell. Court on Monday. Big surprise here, Bob did NOT show up to court. Now last Friday, I was at a conference in Boston when my landlord called to ask me if I was on my way home from work. I told him no, that I was out of town. He then proceeded to tell me not to come home for awhile as Bob had been served and was “flipping out.” Okay, different people take “flipping out” to mean different things. When I think “flipping out”, I think throwing a tantrum. Perhaps even throwing furniture or putting a fist through a wall. My LL’s version was like, “oh he is just upset.” I then asked, “Do I  need to worry about my personal and physical safety?” and he replied with, “No I don’t think so.” Okay, you don’t THINK so or you KNOW so? Those are two very different things. So needless to say I had to return home with a “flipping out” wackadoodle living in the same building. My colleague who went to the conference with me actually drove me to my apartment building and even walked me inside my apartment, just in case. No Bob.

In fact, no Bob all that weekend. Sunday I happened to run into my other downstairs neighbor Janet. She is 53 years old and recently engaged. She has a similar story to mine in that she left everything she had established in Virginia (her own home, her family and friends) to take a dream job out here. She has been living in this shithole for over 2 years now and is ready to get the hell out too. She came out of her apartment and hugged me as she had been worried that something bad had happened to me. Apparently, that Friday Bob was served, it wasn’t just ONE police officer but FOUR police cars that showed up! Yes, FOUR. Old Bob got a little mouthy with the officer and backup was called. He informed the police after reading the paperwork that he was NOT going to court over “some woman” and go before some “damned woman judge.” See, the guy has real issues with women, big surprise there. Janet’s fiance was home and witnessed the whole ordeal. He even called Janet at her work to tell her to stay late as Bob was screaming and destroying his (Bob’s) apartment in fury. I dont’ know about you but this sounds like MY VERSION of “flipping out” as opposed to the landlord’s more passive response. Anyway, Janet tells me that Bob has been stealing her food out of the refrigerator and when she confronted him, he got right in her face, tried to shove her, and called  her a “dirty old whore.” The man is psycho. Period. She is itching to break her lease as well and I told her that I have paved the way for her. That she should get her own protective order and wave it in the LL’s face.

Monday morning rolled around I headed to court. My LL met me there mainly because I think he fears I might sue him.  The “woman” judge sends my case upstairs to be handled in Court 3 by the same judge I had the previous week. I am glad to see him as he is familiar with me and my SIX page affidavit. He asks if Bob has been served. I say “yes” and when he inquires how I know I reference my landlord who is then asked to step forward. The judge grants my protection order stating that Bob cannot come with 5 yards of me. In fact, he is not allowed on the entire second floor of the house. He also has to stay away from my place of employment. The LL again tries to make excuses for Bob claiming that he is getting older and things bother him a lot more than they used to. The judge replied, “That is no excuse for his behavior at all.” Score one for the judge! Score a million for me. I leave the courthouse feeling empowered. I won. I freaking won. I set out to protect myself and I accomplished it. Bad news was I still had a few nights left to stay at the apartment with him below me. Sure, I got the protection order but it is just a piece of paper. I know that if he came after me, I would call the police but that fact didn’t stop the constant stress and anxiety over the possibility of having to do just that. So yeah, I continue to live in fear.

I headed to Salem to sign my new lease and start moving a few things in. I spent the majority of the day and evening in the apartment cleaning. Specifically the bathroom and kitchen. I scrubbed down everything including the refrigerator and stove. I hate the idea of living in other’s people’s germs so the very first thing I have to do is clean. Because I lifted more than I should have, I injured my knee. So that meant no more moving things for me. In fact, it damn near ruled out walking in general. By the time I arrived to campus to park the car, I could barely walk home. I had to literally throw my leg out to the side so that my knee wouldn’t bend. My movements were very zombie-like. Also I was starving and it took me twice as long to crawl home. If this is indeed what the living dead go through, well then, I empathize. It’s not fun.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent taking it easy. Emotionally I was a nervous wreck. I would wake up at 3:30-4:00a every morning with my stomach in knots and a big wave of panic would wash over me. It was no way to live. Thursday another colleague of mine helped me move some things after work. Two vehicles and two people met double the fun and double the stuff to haul over there! Friday I took some things and then waited around for the cable guy to show up to hook up my cable and internet.

Saturday!  The big move. THE move. My boss Megan and her wife Amy came by bright and early and we hauled all  my remaining stuff in three vehicles. I am so lucky to know someone who thinks spatially. That person is NOT me. That person in my life is Matt but he is in Indiana so he could not lend his “services of the mind”. Megan thinks spatially meaning she packed those vehicles perfectly so that everything fit in one trip. Had I packed it, we would have made at least three. I tend to just cram things and hope for the best. In fact, packing the dishwasher is forbidden as are suitcases. Matt’s phrase that comes to mind in reference to these two items is “What the hell is this? What have you done?” After which he takes everything out and starts over.

So I spent my first night in Salem. It was an amazing feeling. Earlier I was at Target buying some extension cords when I looked at the time and thought, “Shit, I need to get on the road if I plan to get to Wellesley at a decent hour.” Then I promptly reminded myself that I don’t live there anymore. That I live in Salem so it doesn’t matter how long I shop for electrical goodies as I only live five minutes away. Because I was so happy, I stopped by the liquor store and picked up a bottle of red wine. I haven’t actually drank wine in months so needless to say after one glass I was toast. Not burnt, just golden-brown. Just right.

I wish I could say that I had the best, most refreshing night’s sleep ever. If I did write that, it would be a big fat lie. Izzy would NOT leave me alone. All night long he kept circling my head yowling. Nudging me awake, begging me to do whatever cat’s want you to do when they wake you up. I know he is freaked out. Hell, I am freaked out but damn it, I need sleep. I woke up exhausted but had to do laundry. So I had my first experience with a laundromat in years. It’s not that bad. Granted I was doing laundry at 7:30a on a Sunday but still, I wasn’t traumatized or anything and I was in and out in an hour. The good news is I no longer have to haul around a duffel bag of quarters as they have machines you feed bills into and it adds that amount to a card. The card then is used to operate the washer and dryers. We have apparently come a long way in the laundromat world and that makes me happy.

FYI: three loads of clean clothes up three flights of stairs leaves a person winded.

But no rest for the wicked because I have to work today. We start working Sundays during the month of April as there are tons of reference questions because final papers and projects are coming up.

A long, long time ago before court and moving, I agreed to work this Sunday because it is Easter. Pagans do not celebrate Easter but rather Ostara and that has already passed. Curses to Easter as I am probably the only person not celebrating this holiday today within a ten mile radius of campus.

As tired as I am, I am the most worthless reference librarian on the planet.

I feel like I could fall over and die. Would I sleep then? I won’t count on it.

I want to sleep so badly and the thing is, I so could right now but I bet by the time I get home, I won’t be able to.

Perhaps more wine is in my future.

I have nothing to eat at my apartment as I have had no time for grocery shopping and it’s freaking Easter meaning only jack and shit is open.

I guess I’ll eat my hand.

But I’m in Salem. I made it. I can call it “home” now and mean it.

I love, love, love my new apartment. There is so much room. All hardwood floors, all original hardwood trim and molding. In a 1915 Colonial.

With a real person kitchen–big person stove and refrigerator. Too bad there is nothing in the refrig and nothing to cook on the stove.

So here’s to a brand new start.

I hope it comes with sleep and dinner at some point.

  1. Barb Stahura says:

    Hope you find some food on the way home tonight! Gosh, I can’t send you food fast enough from down here!!! ::hugs::

  2. librarygrrrl says:

    So glad we were able to get you moved – and I’m so sorry we didn’t leave you with any food!!

  3. Barbie says:

    Jezy crezy I think everyone is just so relived you are far away from the wackadoo. He was giving ME sleepless nights. I have never wanted to physically harm an elderly man whom I have never met so much in my 36 years. Its Spring! Cheers to new beginnings! Love you!

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