Signs, signs, everywhere are signs

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

In my last post I mentioned Mama Bruno and her accuracy in knowing what the future holds. Since moving into my apartment, things have fallen into place. It’s like the first domino had to fall and then everything else went after. Once I signed the lease to my apartment and started moving in, we secured renters for our house back in Lafayette, Indiana. So far we had been really worried that Matt would move to PA and we would have no one in the house paying our mortgage. The renters move in April 28.

There has also been little signs that I seen and experienced that let me know that I am where I need to be. The first sign is my new street address. I moved to Massachusetts from Lafayette, Indiana. I now live on Lafayette Street in Salem, MA.

The day I moved in I was cleaning the bathroom. I hate having other people’s germs in my domain so scrubbing down everything is the name of the game for me. When I opened up the bathroom cabinet, I saw this sticker:

What is significant about this is I grew up in Rensselaer, Indiana; the very place that this cabinet was manufactured. I    could have fallen over when I saw it. There is nothing in Rensselaer, Indiana. The fact that this cabinet would come from there is mind-blowing. It was too much to just be a mere coincidence. Besides, I don’t believe in coincidences anyway.

Okay, that is sign number one.

Now for some background information for sign number two. When Matt and I returned to Salem the second time, we were damn near hit over the head with the truth that we wanted to move there. Any doubt we had was washed away that week we spent there on vacation. On our last day we stopped into a Chinese store inside the Essex Street Pedestrian Mall. I found  one of those “good luck” waving cats. I wanted it as it was supposed to bring you good luck. Since we were on a budget and still had to drive home, we didn’t get it. At least I didn’t think we did. Matt went back over there without me knowing it and purchased it for my birthday that was the following week. When I opened it I was surprised and overjoyed. We immediately wrote “Salem” on the banner that the cat holds in his waving hand. Since this was our goal, what we wanted so badly to accomplish, we felt that the waving cat should symbolize that. The Salem Cat has been waving ever since and it came with me to Wellesley. It waved the entire time it was on my mantel in my crappy little apartment as I put a brand new battery in it when I unpacked him. The cat, of course, moved with me to Salem. It was one of the last things to get packed along with Izzy and his toiletries. I placed Salem Cat on the windowsill in my bedroom. On Saturday, my move in day, Megan asked what the dripping noise was. I told her it was my Salem Cat. Sometimes his waving arm creaks and can be quite loud. After I unpacked everything and got into bed to sleep in my new apartment for the first time, he stopped waving. And hasn’t waved since. I know the battery is okay because this morning I checked. I was curious as to why he had stopped. His battery is fine. In fact, when I moved his arm he started waving again.

I think he stopped waving because he doesn’t need to anymore. I made it to Salem therefore his work for me is done. I am now mailing him to Matt on Friday. Salem Cat can now wave for him and ensure his arrival in Salem when he completes his art program in 2014.

Okay, on to sign number three. I have always wanted a “Felix the Cat” clock. Matt is not a fan of them but since he loves me, he bought me one for Christmas two years ago. He used to hang in our sitting room in our house in Indiana. When I moved to Wellesley, I packed him up and took him with me. He was one of the first things I hung up on my wall. But to my dismay, he would not work. We tried messing with magnet mechanism that makes his tail move back and forth. Without the tail swing pendulum, the eyes don’t move back and forth and of course, the clock cannot keep time. So basically a dead clock hung on my wall since the first day I moved in. I was really bummed as I liked that clock and obviously it was passed the point of returning it. I was just stuck with it.

When I moved to my new apartment in Salem, I decided to hang him on the wall in my bedroom. Once I had him up, I attached his pendulum tail and gave it a little swing. It started working! In fact, it is still working! I did absolutely nothing different to this clock other than hang it up in Salem.

So here’s what I think. I think time stopped (quite literally) for me when I moved into that shitbox in Wellesley. I wasn’t supposed to be there for the long haul. The clock therefore could not keep time. It was only when I arrived in Salem, where I was supposed to be that the clock started

working again. In truth, I started working again, living again, dreaming again, and creating again. I know some of you reading this will think I am crazy or just “fishing” for significance where there really isn’t  any. But I don’t believe that. Again, I do not believe in coincidence. I believe in fate. I also believe that life gives us signs, that they are everywhere if we open our eyes and minds to see them.

Of course, I also know deep down that the move was meant to be but it’s nice to have these little things backing me and giving me that little nod.

  1. Wendy says:

    And maybe it was a sign for Izzy too.

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