Vacation is all I ever wanted…

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Things are coming to a close out here at Wellesley College. Next week is my last week and then summer vacation! I honestly cannot believe how fast the semester flew by. At least it wasn’t horrible or traumatic (thankfully that was only my living situation). I survived! People, I survived the first semester out here in Massachusetts all by my lonesome (with Izzy of course). I really think I am a stronger person now because of my experiences and adventures here. I mean, hell, if anything I know how to file legal paperwork! Without further ado, here are the nuggets (organic of course) of truth I take away with me this summer:

1.  I love my job at Wellesley College. I love the people I work with. I am surrounded by amazing, talented, brilliant, and creative minds. I am constantly inspired to do more and be more. I like this.

2. I love teaching. While I panicked over my first instructional session (remember I thought I might cough up a hairball), I think I did a really good job with the sessions I gave. I guess I will have to wait until the Fall semester to confirm. If no one asks me back into the classroom then I can assume I sucked. Then I can safely panic.

3. I dislike the town of Wellesley. The ONLY thing I like about the town is the college. And the restaurant Lemon Thai. That’s it. I can do without the inhabitants as I am sure they are happy to do without me.

4. I don’t mind the commute to Salem if it means I get to live in Salem. I admit that I ‘might’ change my tune once some snow falls down up in here but for now, I’m going with the sentiment that I don’t mind the drive. I am actually quite amazed at myself. I don’t get pissed. I figure “what can I do about the traffic?” Um, nothing. Absolutely nothing. I also realize that speed is relative. On my commute to work, I enjoy traveling at 75mph. But on the ride home as LONG AS THE TRAFFIC IS MOVING and even if it is at a snail’s pace, I’m happy.

5. I don’t really miss Indiana. I do however miss my peeps which is why they need to visit me out here…in Salem so I don’t have to go to Indiana. I did, however, feel like tiny ping when I ‘surrendered’ my Indiana driver’s license for my Massachusetts one. I mean, I have had that license (not the same one mind you) since I was 16. That’s a wicked long time. But alas, I severed my relationship and can safely say that I am officially over it.

Oh Indiana. I will be back there the week of May 21 to help move Matt. I have a jam-packed week filled with packing stuffs, moving various said stuffs, visiting friends, getting a massage, getting tattooed, and having a going-away party for Matt. Then it’s off to Monessen where we unpack his stuffs, organize the stuffs, set up “house” with the stuffs and then head to Salem so he can FINALLY see where the hell I live with my stuffs and meet my new friends at Crow Haven. And somewhere in here we plan on relaxing. Even if for a few moments.

Matt will only be with me in Salem from June 4 until June 8 then he returns to Monessen but not to start school. Nope, that’s on the back burner until the Fall quarter starts in October. Instead he is opening up a sister shop! Yep, we will be dropping shops all the way from Indiana to the east coast. It’s an opportunity that was presented to us and we couldn’t pass it up. Perhaps we are building an empire, who can say but it does solve that pesky little problem of “where are you going to work so you can make a little money?” Luckily he won’t be doing this alone. Phil, our body piercer from Indiana, is moving to Monessen to live with Matt and help get the shop up and running. Yay Phil!!

So Matt and I will find ourselves apart this summer after all but I am hoping that we will be able to find time for visits. I am working this summer at Crow Haven. Not sure on the hours or how many or anything like that but I will take as many as I can get. Saving money makes me happy. Not starving also makes me happy. So does paying bills on time and having some extra cash to buy pretties. My kind of pretties.

With that said, I don’t intend on “all work and no play” this summer. I have the big goal of doing the first edit of my finished novel. I originally wanted to have the first edit done by December 31, 2011 but that so did NOT happen. Truth be told, I was tired of hanging out with my characters. We had spent so much time together and I had to listen to them for so long that I just needed a mental break. So I packed up the novel and put it aside. It’s time to dive back in. I’ve been away long enough to gain a fresh perspective and I know that there will be a lot of rewrites and edits. I am prepared for this. What I really hope is that I don’t start reading and say, “Damn, this sucks big time.” I hope I discover that the writing is more than decent and that if I were to stumble across this novel on the shelf (at a LIBRARY) that I would pick it up and read it. And then be ultimately happy that I did read it.

Cross your fingers.

I also started an online ‘craft’ course and it should take me a year to complete it. I have lots of reading and research projects ahead of me but I am really excited to take this course. And the best part is that it is FREE. I like free.

I think I have enough to keep my mind occupied and sharp.

I also started another tumblr blog called “Pretty in Black.” If you haven’t looked at it yet, please do:

Is it obvious that I like this whole “writing thing????”

I could be known as the “girl with many blogs.”

Until next time, don’t go chasing waterfalls. You might drown.


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