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Posted: June 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I’ve been living in Salem now since April 1st (there abouts) and I got to say, I LOVE it. Summer is fast approaching here which means warm weather, beach time, and of course, tourists. As I am on an academic schedule at Wellesley College, I am not working there during the summer months. I am, however, working part-time at the oldest witch shop in Salem, Crow Haven Corner, for the duration of summer. I’ve been working this job on weekends until just recently. I’ve even graduated to working the counter one day a week! I got to say though, there are definite benefits to being outside barking. For one thing, I get to enjoy the weather, talk to people, WALK around, and do my own thing. What sucks about barking is rude tourists, crappy weather, achy feet, hip, or whatever, and lack of people out to hand fliers to. When there is no one around, it makes for VERY long day.

Working inside I discovered can be insanely chaotic. Phone ringing, people booking readings, customers checking out, asking questions, children running around, teenagers being douches….it is ever-changing and this is just the tip of iceberg to what Halloween season really looks like. I hear that there will be a line out the door and a 45 minute wait just to get inside. Jebus Crust, that’s nuts.

Despite all this craziness, I love the job. Even if I am dead-ass tired when I leave some days. For those who have ever worked retail, every single day is different and that is what I like most. Who knows what the familiar will drag in the door.

With that aside, I have made some really great friends here in Salem. I am fortunate to have around me some pretty amazing people that I can spend time with and not be holed up in my apartment with Izzy being depressed that Matt is in Monessen. I can actually have a social life which is awesome. And the summer job money will allow me to actually do some stuff like go to the beach, take a small road trip, or buy a new outfit or two. You know, all the things that make life fun. And the best part is, I have people to share those moments with. I am truly blessed.

The three weeks with Matt have come and gone. I can’t believe how fast it all went by. First was my journey out to Indiana which looked more flat and boring that I remembered. I am not used to empty space. Out here, every single square inch is crammed to maximum overload with something. Also, the traffic. There is never just one car on the road. Except in my dreams. While driving some backroads in Indiana, I was the lone car. It was a weird feeling, kinda nice. What I do miss about Indiana are my friends and family, of course, but the ease of getting from point a to point b. It was nice to go to Walmart, then Home Depot, to Sally’s in just an hour. Out here, that might be an all day process depending on where the stores are located, time of day, and how many mass-holes are on the road. Usually I end up talking myself out of such craziness by asking myself, “How badly do I want this? Is it bad enough to experience the hell that is traffic?” Usually the answer is the internet and a wait for the item to be shipped.

I spent another week in Monessen. This place is worse than living in Lafayette. Think Rensselaer, Indiana but without friends. It’s DEAD. There are like maybe five shops in the “downtown” area. Most of the storefronts are all closed and boarded up. The only thing really happening is the school that Matt is enrolled in. So, we spent the days in Monessen unpacking and organizing, cleaning, and trying not to kill ourselves with exhaustion. Moving sucks. And we have seen too much of it lately. And the worst part is, we are not done, not by a long shot. There is still Matt’s move to Salem, my move out of this apartment to a bigger place for the two of us and then maybe two more moves after that until we get settled. I’m hiring movers. The end.

The next stop, Salem. Again, more moving as I brought back with me a boxspring and mattress but some other things which meant making the 10 hour trip in separate vehicles with each of us having a cat ride shotgun. Fun times. Through mountains, twisty roads, NO cellphone reception and rain. Balls. 

We left IN and PA with hot temperatures and high humidity to arrive in Salem to low 50’s and rain. It was freaking cold the first few days we were back. Luckily by the time Matt left the weather had improved to upper 70’s with sunshine and we did manage to make it to the beach. The water was freezing at 54 degrees but Matt went in anyway and then had to wait about two hours for his testicles to descend again. There were some people in the water the entire three hours we were there but I am convinced they were so numb that they couldn’t feel the water anymore.

I am so glad we made the trip with the furniture because now my apartment really feels and looks like a home! The mattress and boxspring are in my bedroom which allowed the futon to be moved out into the living room area to serve as a couch in front of the television. I also brought back a higher table to put my TV on so that is nice plus the kitchen table moved and now I have a separate living eating area! I couldn’t be more happier with my little apartment. And thanks to Matt, he helped make it my own space.

Matt is back in Monessen now, currently on his way to Indiana today to pick up Phil. Then the real shit happens. He found a location for the shop, he just has to secure it. Then it’s “go” time. I hope the shop is opened quickly and that customers arrive. With good strong advertising, it can and will work. It has to. He was given this opportunity for a reason so we have to believe that this the right path even though it puts his school on hold until October. Sometimes you have to go with what is presented to you.

For me, I’m still here in Salem, working and trying to finish that novel. I’m not making any promises as the weather is so glorious and the water so tempting. Plus, I am doing a lot of studying and want to get through a few books this summer. I’m not in any hurry. That’s one thing I am trying out this summer….to actually discover what it means to “relax.” I’ll let you know what I find out.

If fate is kind to us, Matt and I will see each other again on the fourth of July for a few days. For those of you who read my blog faithfully, you will remember me mentioning the Peace Lilly (aka “Jesus Plant”) that only blooms when things are going fantastic for Matt and I. We both wondered if it would actually bloom while we were separated. It never bloomed at all while I lived in the hellish place in Wellesley. It didn’t bloom at all here in Salem until Matt arrived! So I know that we are on the right path and that things are where they need to be right now. I know some of you will think I am a complete nutter to view a blooming plant in this light, but I know it to be true. Think what you want.

Until next time, carpe diem the crap out of every moment of your life. 

  1. Barb says:

    54 degree water temps? I’m surprised Matt isn’t singing soprano now. Were the other bathers in wetsuits? They are probably crazy swordfishermen and love the temps of the north Atlantic.

  2. Suzana says:

    I think you’d be nuttier if you didn’t pay attention to that plant. 🙂

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