Times, they are a changin’.

Posted: March 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s been a few months since I last blogged. I admit I’ve been really busy this semester. Busier than I was last semester, for sure. I have been at Wellesley for over a year now and I am finally settling in. The first semester was all about finding my way and meeting my departments. The second semester was building on those relationships and continuing to learn the ropes. This semester? Instructional teaching! I will have done more instructional sessions this semester than ever before and that is definitely a good sign. It means I am doing something right. It means my name is getting out there and faculty are willing to take a chance on me. Or have me back into the classroom. The good news? I finally made contact with the Anthropology Department. They are small so I knew getting into the classroom would be a real challenge but for whatever reason, this semester is money. I have THREE sessions with them! Fabulous. I just hope I blow their minds so that they ask me back again.

The other good news? I will be a published author come July/August! I wrote an article along with my friend Erin on teaching information literacy with zombies. The article discusses how we implemented the zombie theme into the course we taught at Harrison College. I had the idea to write the article during my last semester at Purdue (2011) but it took awhile for us to collaborate, write, and then edit. We submitted it to the College and Research Libraries News and it was accepted right away. YAY!!! It will be in their July/August issue. Which is perfect timing as instructors and librarians will be thinking about their course designs before they head back to class. Perhaps some of our ideas will be adopted. Who knows but what I do know is that I freaking love that my FIRST professional publication is about zombies. You can take the librarian out of the horror but you cannot take the horror out of the librarian. I’m proof of that. I wouldn’t mind being known as “the zombie librarian.” I have a schtick and it works. The only downside now is that I do not have the type of instruction anymore to implement any of the zombie themes. But at least I can share with others how they can do so. Along these same lines, Erin and I have submitted a proposal to NELIG (the New England chapter of ARCL) to present on our zombie instruction. If we are chosen, we will present this June. In front of the living. And then perhaps that “zombie status” can be achieved for me.

Also this semester, I will be teaching two workshops on journaling! While I am not an “expert” in terms of degrees in journaling, I have been writing in my journal/diary since I was seven years old so I think I can speak about the subject. My workshop idea is to discuss why journaling is important, the different ways to journal, read passages from different women’s journals (Anais Nin, Sylvia Plath, Mary Shelley, and Courtney Love) to see how they wrote, and then have a breakout session with writing prompts. Hopefully at the end of the workshop, everyone will be willing to share a little of what they wrote. Journaling is so important to me and I am so passionate about it. I just want to share that passion with others because I really believe journaling can lead to not only healing but discovering who we truly are. Finding our inner voices makes us stronger and I think we all owe it ourselves to not only find that inner voice but hear it and utilize it.

The journaling workshop has inevitably led to me thinking about my next degree. Yes, how many of you are actually surprised that I would think about more school? I didn’t think so. In fact, Matt has been waiting for that shoe to drop for the last six months. I have been looking into the low-residency MFA program at Lesley College which is in Cambridge. If I decided to do this, I would go for non-fiction and hopefully be able to combine journaling with therapy/spiritual healing. Right now, I am just looking in to it. Not committed to anything yet as the number one priority outside of work is to get the novel done and sent out to agents. THAT is my summer goal and that is the focus right now.

Which led to the important decision to spend the summer in Monessen with Matt. Last summer I stayed in Salem and worked at the local witch shop, Crow Haven Corner. It was a good summer, busy, but good. The downside is that I had no time to write. This summer I NEED to focus on the rewrites and edits so that I can meet my goal of sending out my agent query letters by the end of summer. In Monessen, there would be NO distractions because there is not jack and shit to do there. Seriously. There is NOTHING. So while Matt is in school every day during the week, I can write! I can even sit outside on the front porch with my coffee and write! Then on the weekends, Matt and I can do non-work/class things together. Like, a NORMAL married couple living a normal married life. And if I can be honest here, I really do not want to spend another summer alone without him. This whole “separation” shit is getting old. And each time we say goodbye instead of it getting easier, it gets harder. So if we can spend a little more time together, all the better. I do have visitors coming to Salem this summer so I will be back for that but otherwise, I will be enrolled in what I refer to as the “poor woman’s writing retreat” in Monessen, PA.

So that’s the scoop. I’ve been busy, creative, lonely, happy, and healthy. Sometimes all at once and sometimes more one than the other. But we have survived our first year apart. One more year to go.

The end is in sight.

And it looks so bright, I gotta wear shades.


  1. Wendy says:

    This entry is like a passage from someone’s travels in life. Oh, wait, it is!! And all that has happened in the past year, will bring greater life experiences in the future. The world is yours.

  2. Barb says:

    …and you guys are now past the “half-way” mark! Hang in there, 2014 will soon be here!!

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