So what’s your deal?

I kinda hate these “about me” sections because no matter what I write, I always sound two-dimensional which I am not or sound like I am full of myself, which again I am not.  So here is a  mixture of things I am and things I love. In no order of importance:  passionate, my husband Matt, my kick-ass family and friends, libraries, my two cats (Edgar and Izzy), witchcraft, stubborn, chocolate, horror movies, creative writing, The Cure, tarot, coffee, funny (or at least hope I am), Stephen King, Salem, MA (my new hometown), zombies, Anais Nin, Christmas, poetry, garden gnomes, esoteric studies, Samhain, gingerbread cookies, Research & Instruction Librarian at Wellesley College, electric blankets, journal writing, dedicated, red wine, yoga, footed pajamas, homemade candy canes, tattoos, vintage dresses, the color red, the smell of burning leaves…..

I will eat anything pumpkin. Pie, rolls, donuts, ice cream, soup. I love it all.

In essence, I like awesome stuff.  Stuff I find enjoyment, love, and peace from.

I believe in karma.

I believe in honesty, doing your best, and positive energy.

I believe “like attracts like” and that you can project for good things to enter your life.

Right now, I love life. My life. Yours might be good too but I can only live mine.

  1. Michael Walkowski says:


    I’m a friend of Barb’s and was led to your blog by her. I was concerned when she blurted out a couple of your episodes. I’m amazed we’re forced to live in an environment where these kind of people are allowed to co-habitate. Your landlord is totally at fault and a big ‘Beware Of Nut Job’ sign needs to be posted on the front door. I hope court went without incident and he’s back on his meds?
    Hang in there, it sounds like you have a lot of support.

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